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by Baz Williamson & Steve Stills

We all need a little commercial break and this means it’s time for me to hook up with photographer Steve Stills. For this project we took over the @motherlondon instagram for a week.

What is Occam’s Razor? It’s essentially the shortest route to the truth. In a situation full of ambiguity, the explanation that makes the fewest assumptions is correct.


by Baz Williamson & Steve Stills

I first worked with Steve Stills when we teamed up to put together a five-day shoot in Tepic, Mexico, for the 2013 charrería championships. It was an epic journey and one that’s still on going with us planning one final trip to finish the project.

The roots of the sport now known as charrería can be traced as far back as 1519 when the Spanish conquest introduced horses to the land that would later been know as Mexico. The skill-set involved in charrería evolved during the 17th and 18th centuries, where farm hands in charge of cattle and horses (called vaqueros or rancheros) began to compete against each other with informal tests of skill.